Plant & Machinery


Our biggest strength is our ability to design customized machinery for our customers. Heart of our company is our design room. When it comes to automation every client has a specific requirement which must be tailored. We have a team of senior designers & draftsmen to conceptualize automation and design blueprint for manufacturing.


  • Mazak X-510 2.5KW Laser Cutting 3015 x 1500mm.
  • Mazak VTC-530 Vertical Machining Centre X-1950, Y-530, Z-500 (mm).
  • Mazak QTS-100MS Turn-mill Dia 230mm, Length 480mm.
  • Mazak I-700 5 Axis Milling Machine X-600, Y-1100, Z-600 (mm).
  • Hindustan Hydraulics EHP 150 Press Brake 150 Ton, Stroke 3000mm.
  • Hindustan Hydraulics GS 3108 Guillotine 15 KW, Stroke 3000mm.

Conventional Machine shop

  • WMW Heavy Duty Boring Machine X-1000, Y-900, Z-1250 (mm).
  • Radial Drill Machines heavy duty – 63mm -3 nos.
  • Surface Grinding X-1100, Y-300, Z-330 (mm).
  • Hydraulic tapping machines.
  • Pneumatic tapping machines.
  • Conventional Lath 25mm x 1000mm
  • Shaping Machines – 2 nos.

Inspection Equipment

  • Mitutoyo APEX-S776 3D CMM X-700, Y-700, Z- 600 (mm).

Welding Equipment

  • Kemppi - MIG Machines - 4 nos.
  • Lincoln - TIG Machines - 5 nos.
  • Leister Fusion 2 - PP Extruder welding.
  • Leister Fusion 3 - PP Extruder welding.
  • Leister - PP Welding Guns - 7 nos.
  • Buckleys PST-100 - Spark Tester, Panel Saw Cutter for PP plate cutting.

Fabrication Area

Our forte is diversity in fabrication, we work on corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel to food grade Polypropylene, from 1.0mm thick sheet metal to 80mm thick high tensile plates all under single roof. Out of our 20,000sq.ft total floor space we have a dedicated floor area of 6,000 sq.ft for material preparation and fabrication. We have invested heavily on world class equipment to have leading-edge in quality. Our equipment comes from brands like Lincon, Kempi, Leister, Mazak & HH. Our Fabrication team has their own CNC Laser Cutting & CNC Bending machines. Along with our machines our Welders & Fabricators can be seen in action in this area. Separate area of 2,000sq.ft for storing raw material like sheets, plates, pipes & tubes.

Assembly Area

Our machines come to life in our assembly area of our Factory which is roughly 8,000sq.ft. The fabricated structure is built by our fabrication team and the components are made in our CNC machine shop. Except for the bought-out items which we procured from reputed brands everything else is practically home built.
We enjoy full control over the machine building process and at no stage does any material goes out of our sight making it convenient for us to keep check that no corners are cut to meet deadline. Our experienced fitters assemble the machine bit by bit followed by our electronic engineers who install the electronic devices on to the machine. Thereafter completing many trials, improvements and fine-tunings machine ultimately gets ready for client inspection.

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